Connectivity Systems

Our intelligent systems put you in control

Almost everywhere there are people, there are lights. So you can use our lighting infrastructure to collect data that helps you unlock great ideas, new business models and save even more money.

It’s the future without the fuss.

Günther Johler Senior Director Connectivity Systems

From a single room to a whole city

They save energy

and money

By using presence detectors and daylight dependent control systems, you’re only using the lights you really need.

They’re flexible and


You can customise the system to match your needs, for different areas, tasks or moods, for example. And if you need to add in a new building or area later on, that’s easy.

They’re easy to control

and maintain

You can see what’s happening with your lighting from an app or dashboard. That means you can find faults without having to search for the source, and decide how to maintain your luminaires most efficiently.

Control your lights, control your

building, control your city

Intelligent lighting controls systems are the basis for more comfort, flexibility and security in modern buildings and city environments. Dive deeper and see what our future-proofed systems can do for you.

Merge control with

digital intelligence

Ready to go one step further? We can help you use our lighting control systems to unlock the Internet of Things to make an even bigger impact on business. Have a look at our Digital Services to find out more.