smart lighting as a service

Park lighting, Graz/AT

It’s not always easy to feel safe when walking alone at nighttime- especially through an area that’s not particularly well–lit. Luckily for its inhabitants, the city of Graz in Austria has come up with the perfect solution to keep the feeling safe while walking through its “Grazer Volksgarten” park area at night: a new- and smart-lighting scheme from ZGS. Graz’s inhabitants certainly had reason to feel unsafe; the garden is known to be a hotspot for problematic activities. Over the course of a year, roughly half of the park’s existing 88 luminaires were destroyed by vandals. It became clear that a vandal-proof solution was needed. So what exactly does vandal-proof mean? Well, the park’s new SUPERSYSTEM outdoor luminaires from Zumtobel are over four meters high and possess a massive aluminum pressure hull- rendering them completely indestructible. But that’s not the only safety measure ZGS has brought to the park; the introduction of integrated InCity sensors has enabled noise- and motion-based is reached. The lighting switches to full intensity, if someone passes by and switches back to the dimmed level afterwards. There are now plans for other parks to be equipped with the same smart solution in the future. In short – our smart park illumination that uses smart and efficient light, has directly contributed to the safety of Graz’s inhabitants.

“The core idea of the project is to increase safety by the use of light. The Volksgarten Graz was under discussion for quite some time, because the situation around teen gangs, drug addicts and homeless people. We need a light that reacts to situations, a light that turns the park bright as daylight in seconds. That’s exactly what we got with InCity. The project has been running perfectly. We’re interested in implementing these smart luminaires in the entire park as soon as possible.”

Thomas Rajakovics, Media spokesman, City of Graz


The plan was to design the BMW Gregoir car dealership in the Belgian town of Puurs from scratch. A bespoke lighting concept was therefore developed to deliver specific lighting scenarios. For example, our LITECOM lighting management system was programmed to provide just the right atmosphere for when customers come to collect their new cars.

And this isn’t the only role played by our intuitive, app-based controls system. The system also enables each fitting to be separately controlled, including the ONLITE RESCLITE emergency luminaries. LITECOM records the whole physical structure of the building and can display useful information about all the relevant technical sites.

“This concept is future-proof, which means that it can be modified and enhanced at any time. This gives us real security in terms of the investment and the lifetime of the solution. Our choice could not have been better.”

Hervé Gregoir, Owner car dealership Gregoir

Faculty of Civil Engineering at the University of Osijek/HR

Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS) has been a key part of a comprehensive Zumtobel lighting solution for the new Faculty of Civil Engineering at a university in the Croatian city of Osijek.

The lighting solution specified in the various different rooms and areas makes the most of the architecture, maximises visual comfort for students and employees and meets stringent demands in terms of energy efficiency.

The addition of a LUXMATE DIMLITE lighting controls system from ZGS boosts the overall energy performance even further. The basic version of the lighting management system integrates the luminaires and enables daylight-dependent control in each of the 94 classrooms and offices. Artificial light is added where necessary to achieve the desired lighting levels. And LITECOM is also combined with the SEQUENCE office luminaire from Zumtobel in certain conference rooms to deliver lighting scenarios that are carefully tailored to suit particular tasks.

City Nenzing/AT

Nenzing is getting fit for the future - thanks largely to the InCity smart lighting management system from Zumtobel Group Services.

By adjusting the lighting as required, the local authority is now saving valuable energy and at the same time increasing the well-being and safety of residents.

ZGS took care of the entire planning and implementation phase of the smart solution using R2L2 road lanterns from Thorn.

Palazzo dei Congressi, Lugano/CH

A creative solution was required for the modernisation of the congress centre in Lugano, Switzerland.

No new cables could be installed in the concrete building. At the same time, the large amounts of concrete also ruled out the possibility of controlling the lighting using radio signals.

Our solution to the problem: a ready2mains^TM system from Tridonic, which uses existing power-supply lines to transfer the control and dim commands sent by our LITECOM lighting management system. This clever answer to a tricky problem even means that the luminaires can be controlled via mobile phones using the LITECOM App.

“Zumtobel Group Services offered us the ideal solution. Thanks to the combination of LITECOM and the Tridonic gateway, we could install smart lighting controls in our congress centre without having to somehow change the structure of the building. That’s the kind of support you really need - working together to find the best solution.”

Electric Designer, Scherler SA – Ingegneri consulenti, Lugano

göldipartnerarchitekten, Altstätten/CH

Without LITECOM, no comfort! For more than 20 years göldipartnerarchitekten AG have been involved in a number of diverse architectural construction projects. And recently they were involved in their own project. In their new office in Altstätten, Switzerland, our intelligent lighting control system LITECOM has been installed. At first the customer didn’t value the benefit of using LITECOM in their new offices. But having a flexible and adaptable lighting scenario for each individual work task area and the benefits of using an energy efficient solution convinced them to go for it.

LITECOM fulfills all the desired requirements: a daylight depending lighting control system including the blinds control, a wind and rain alert as well as centralized time and switch commands. And the employees can enjoy the true promise of high quality lighting conditions giving them an ideal work-ambience.

Porsche Center, Como/IT

Only as much lighting as necessary – with a lighting control system that is daylight and presence dependent! With 3700 square meters the new Porsche center in Como presents itself as a paradise for sports car enthusiasts. But also the lighting solution plays an important role in that: the implemented Zumtobel luminaires with tunable White technology guarantee tailor-made lighting – harmonized with the respective car model.

Using our LITECOM lighting control an intelligent system comes into play. It controls the entire lighting environment and provides the ideal balance between daylight and artificial lighting. This way, the employees can stage the ideal lighting scenario for their customer at each point and in time. Especially when selling emotional products like cars, this is an essential feature.

“Car brands are very emotional. That’s the reason why it’s indispensable to stage different zones and areas differently. And that’s why we’ve combined modern luminaires with LED technology with daylight dependent controls – LITECOM infinity.”

Marco Tarelli, Electrical Designer, Studio GMG, Gravedona ed Uniti