Connected lighting at your fingertips

We have several systems to control your entire lighting environment. This provides you with perfect light at any time of the day. And it increases your energy efficiency and well-being. Our portfolio ranges from single room management systems to building-wide solutions. Our goal is to take over your hassle.

Morning Noon Afternoon Evening

It’s good for business

Our lighting control systems save you energy and money, in lots of ways. For example, by switching lights off at specific times, or when no-one’s around. Or by synchronising blinds and lights to the most of daylight.

That’s why a smart lighting system could cut your energy consumption by 82%.

And LITECOM could even help you make money -– for instance by making it easy to design light shows to present your products in the most tempting way.

It’s good for people

Light plays a surprisingly big part in how well people feel. And healthy, happy people do a better job.

So LITECOM, as one of our connectivity systems, uses the latest lighting technology which you can tailor in all sorts of ways to help people feel better. For example, by matching the brightness and quality of lighting to the task people are doing, or to complement our natural rhythms: stimulation in the morning, and calm in the evening, for instance.


We know there are lots of stresses in designing and maintaining buildings. With LITECOM we’ve made it our mission to develop lighting control systems as easy to put in place, commission and use as it can be.

So, we’ve made it…

Easy to install and to commission: in fact, an independent study showed a comparable KNX solution took nearly four times longer to install commission than LITECOM.

Easy to integrate seamlessly with other systems: so systems like heating and ventilation can use data from LITECOM’s sensors.

Easy to use in your daily work thanks to an intuitive operation.

Easy to tailor, extend and scale as your circumstances change.

In your hands

LITECOM gives you the control over the entire illumination at your fingertip.

That means you can operate your illumination through our LITECOM device or through any computer, tablet or smartphone browser, using an interface that’s just like an app.

Smart now. Smarter in the future

Luminaires, sensors and lighting controls already add up to great, efficient lighting.

But the data they collect can cast light on all kinds of other – sometimes surprising – business questions:

Which meeting rooms are used when? How do different teams use meeting rooms in different ways

How do we do this? Thanks to its open architecture LITECOM connects the lighting world with the Internet of Things, storying the relevant data for further analysis in the cloud.

Have a look at our Digital Services to find out more.