smart lighting as a service

A single room or the whole city?

Lighting control systems guarantee you perfect light as and when required, along with optimal energy efficiency and improved levels of well-being. Our portfolio ranges from single-room management systems to building-wide solutions.

Single Room

LUXMATE Basic/Dimlite

LUXMATE is your ideal first step into the world of intelligent lighting controls. This system follows the principle of a jigsaw: various different components are added to a basic module, as and when required. Simply connect and be done with it!

Multi Room + Building


LITECOM makes it all work together - seamlessly and beautifully. One smart system that controls your entire lighting infrastructure.

Building / Facade


LUXMATE LITENET is your lighting management system for dynamic lighting scenes. And a great way of getting as much comfort and lighting quality as possible - using very little energy, very few materials and hardly any time.


LUXMATE PROFESSIONAL is your premium room management system with a LUXMATE bus system.

Sensa DMX

Sensa DMX is a standalone DMX controller and associated device for the installation of DMX networks in outdoor applications.



The outdoor lighting control system that allows remote management of the entire lighting infrastructure in an urban area.